For- 3 coin strategy

Up the step: This step is the best because while you bet a small you can continue it long time and probably there will chances to win or loss a little. This is the strategy where you can have a little fund but you want to play in maximum time and it is also ideal for the regular player who doesn't want to bet much to win the value of jackpot. Before gambling for real money you can try yourself in the free online slots.

Up the Steps Hi/Low: This step is really aggressive where you can leap from smallest to utmost gambles in leaps of more willingly than steps.

Patterns: It is a restricted gambling strategy what is needed before playing. While the playing is running hot it is disadvantage for that time but useful to control any losses. Casino contains some patterns of strategy such as hotline patterns for bigger gambling and controlled patterns.

Chickens Slot Strategy: It is a very accepted slot strategy because you can it is the session when you can give up your playing though you lose or win the strategy.

Squirrels Slot Strategy:

It is like the chicken strategy but there is one option that if you win one term then you can play other terms.

3 Star Strategies:

This time you can play at certain machine but you will be given a chance to go at a lower gambling. You can jump into a maximum bet while you begin with 2 coins betting and win first step. If you loss you can drop down turn by turn.

5 coin strategies:

Up the Steps: There are more gambling options than the 3 coins strategy but like the 3 coin strategy.

Low High Strategy: This term is more aggressive than the up steps.

Baby Steps: It is a mixture strategy where some gamblers don't want to wait for wining before rising their gambling. It leads to have slow increasing gambling.

Play and Run: It's a simple strategy but there is an opportunity to continue playing.

Umbrella Strategy: It has a facility of starting with small bet and increasing and coming back with small gambling and it is appropriate for the gamblers who gamble with small and aggressive too.

Ladder Strategy: It is similar to the up step but you can't repeat any levels in this step.

Shotgun Strategy: Without damaging your bankroll you can take a short bet. It contains two step of hitting while losing and winning. While you are going to lose you can bet small and when you have a chance to win you can bet higher. Learn more about free slot machine, so that you will use your strategies without losing money.