Top 7 Tips for Playing and Winning in Casino Roulette

If you are a big fan of roulette, the casino game, you have probably realized that winning in this game is very difficult and the house seems to have greater odds than they make it sound.  Here are the top 10 tips you can follow to boost your chances of winning and to enjoy the game even more. At FreeRouletteDoc you will find more tips on roulette. However, after you check these before you start playing you surely need to check out the list of - best casinos canada

1. Bet progressively: When you start playing, place the lowest bet the table allows such as a high or low, black or a red or even or odd numbers.  Keep making this bet but increasing your wager each time, when you eventually win - it will be great for your results.

2. Avoid American roulette: The European style roulette without the 00 that the American roulettes have offer greater odds and you should choose them if the casino you are in have them.  If you are unsure, read up on the different types of roulette tables.

3. Know the worst bets: American roulettes are the most popular, so if you choose to play it, do not place your bet on the numbers in the order 0-00-1-2-3 as they carry the worst possible odds in the game and will most likely be a losing bet.

4. Have fun, make the money last: Make the game running last for a long time.  The best way to do this is to place even bets that pay the half of the sum such as Black/Red or High/Low with a combination has over 47% payout.

5. Place Combination bets: Something that most people never see is that the roulette is not evenly laid out as it looks.  To place a bet on a third of the board, the player can choose the top or the middle row as they are not still displaces unlike the bottom row.

6. Gambling 101: Save your profits: When you win in roulette, it is a perfect idea that helps save half the winnings.  For instance, when you play $20 and win $20, save $10.  This is just a life trick that ensures at the end of the night you have profit in your pocket.

7. Set an acceptable loss limit: It is a golden rule that everyone should know but most overlook – do not take money you cannot allow to lose to a casino.  More importantly, losing money in roulette, never try to win it back by investing more money in it.  Responsible gambling is setting an affordable loss limit and abiding by it.