Smart Phone Technologies – Bingo Pay With Phone Bill and Pocket Win Free Roulette.

Since last 10 years of technological development, we have many advanced payment system introduced and these are secured enough to prevent from online fraud and theft. As online payment has become the most common medium of payment now days, it has also endangered security system. At first, e-wallet solutions introduced such as ‘PayPal’. After that, more secured e-voucher deposit system introduced such as ‘Ukash’. One of the smartest payment systems introduced as a result of smart phone technologies and wireless internet speeds is- Bingo pay by phone bill games!. One can make deposits simply by sending a text without entering any username and password. The requisite amount of money deposited through mobile will be taken by his phone bill and will be charged at the end of the month, but users will have to make sure that he has paid enough credit to his SIM card.

A main phone payment system is called Boku, where on the payment screen on mobile bingo site, you have to click on option ‘pay by mobile’ and you will be instructed to enter your mobile number and press enter. Soon after this, you will be asked for the confirmation of payment. Once you confirm, the payment will be done.

In comparison to other deposit systems, it is quite convenient, easy and quick process. You neither have to carry any card, nor have to remember any username and password. On the other side, after making random payments, one also has to be ready for the payment of the heavy amount of bill at the end of the month.

Roulette, being a game of royalty, is most popular among all online and real players. Roulette is a casino game having French meaning ‘little wheel’. In this game, players choose a bet on

- Single number or range of number

- The colors red or black

- Odd or even number

The player spins a wheel in one direction and a ball in another direction around the colored and numbered circular track of the wheel around the circumference. When ball, eventually stops in one of the number of wheels, usually 37 in French/European roulette and 38 in American roulette. It decides the winner. This is the game of luck and mystery. It has been played for so long years. Pocketwin free roulette allows you to have this game on your mobile. You can play both in free and real money mode. It is presented with the help of graphics and sound. You can lay all your bets and spin the wheel through spin button. It is quite safer and easier way of playing roulette, without moving to a roulette club.